Hello! Nice to meet you here!

I'm sorry I didn't write anything here for a long time again. I was too busy with my "mission" in Chiapas... But now we are already back in Europe. One of my master program students will continue my work there on a very good level. 

Thanks to the universal "covid-panic" we had to leave Chiapas very quickly. Now we're living at the country side and are very happy with our two children Daniel and Heidi. Heidi got her beautiful and wellknown name, because she was born in the mountains, in the altitude more than 2100 m...

It seems we're living in a little "crazy" and also very dangerous time. Many things in the world are changing and I'm not sure if in a good direction.There are many things to say and to discuss. Our experience in Mexico gave us a lot of "material" to think and to pray. And to look for God really a lot.

We're wishing you God's blessing and mercy!

your Vladan & Jana & Daniel & Heidi