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My Instruments

Since 2005 I'm playing instruments made by outstanding Violin maker Mr. Miroslav Komár from Prague. His cellos have strong and colourful sound. It is a pleasure to play them especially in big halls, or solo performances with the orchestra accompaniment. In my three last CD solo recordings I used six different cellos. One of them is my old Italian instrument and five are made by Mr. Komár (2005-2009).  I'm glad to have the opportunity to recommend his cellos with my best conscience.

Vladan Kočí MgA. (MMus)

Born 1963 in Czechoslovakia



1982 - 1987 Bachelor + Master of Music degrees

Academy of Performing Arts Prague

Prof. Miloš Sádlo, Prof. Josef Chuchro

Masterclasses with e.g. János Starker


Experience as soloist:

1990 - present

Performances in Japan, Korea, Europe, United States, Mexico, South America


Chamber music experience:

2002 - 2007 Art Trio Bohemia

1996 - 2010 Prague Chamber Duo

1996 - 2004 Tre solisti di Praga

1997 - 2002 Doležal Quartet

1995 - 1997 Czech Nonet

1990 - 1991 Den Danske Klavertrio


Pedagoguical experience:

2013 - 2021 UNICACH Mexico/Chiapas

2000 - 2013 Prague Conservatory of Music

2011 - 2012 New York University, dept. Prague

1996 - 2006 Jan Neruda Musical Grammarschool

Vladan Kočí